Saturday, June 20, 2015

Serious Mental Illness

"serious mental illness"..
because it wasn't enough to define me by a label... a diagnosis... an opinion.
A way to neatly fold people and sort them according to generalization. 
violent, deranged, unpredictable, criminal, crazed, evil...
These terms have now become interchangeable, 
And I listen, mutely attentive, as they define me for an unquestioning public.
who demand punishment.
demand retribution.
demand sacrifice. 
your rights, your country, your protections, your freedom.
I have none of these, but my suffering pays for all. 
And I wonder,
if those that denied the blood red current of the Danube...
those who swore they saw nothing...
Those who swore it was a necessary sacrifice..
I wonder if they felt as vindicated as you do?

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